Expect Social Media to Drive Holiday ROI

Holiday Trends

Social Media to Give the Gift of Strong ROI this Holiday Season The 2023 holiday retail season is right around the corner, and the expected impact of social media on ROI is bigger than ever before. A striking 27% year-over-year surge in traffic referrals from social media platforms during the first quarter of 2023 serves […]

Women and the Rise of Analog Watches

Woman Wearing Analog Watches

Our tech constantly bombards us with notifications, alerts, and messages, distracting us and shortening our attention spans. So, is it any wonder that analog watches, with their old-school ticking movements, are making a comeback among women who are seeking a respite from the constant barrage of notifications and digital data collection? For many, the shift […]

Are Social Media Channels the Preferred Search Engine?

Young adults using cell phones to search internet

Google and Bing! are currently battling to see which search engine can best leverage new AI tools. But a formidable challenger has emerged in the search engine category from an unexpected medium: social media. In a recent report, a stunning 82% of consumers have declared their preference for social media as their go-to search engine, […]