The Diamond Conundrum – Clarity Through Positioning

Ring from Minty with two diamonds on a purple background

Here are two hard truths that many jewelers must grapple with. One, lab-grown diamonds aren’t going anywhere. Two, the diamond industry is not going to swoop in with a clever ad campaign that positions lab-grown diamonds as the latest cubic zirconia. This means that every jewelry manufacturer and retailer is going to have to independently […]

Clarity: Why Transparency in Jewelry Marketing Matters

Picture of rings with sustainability badge

The Sparkle of Transparency Consumers have access to more information about brands than ever before. Because of that, they expect to establish a certain level of trust with a company before making a purchase—especially when making a high-dollar luxury purchase, like buying a piece of jewelry. No longer satisfied with just the sparkle of a […]

Women and the Rise of Analog Watches

Woman Wearing Analog Watches

Our tech constantly bombards us with notifications, alerts, and messages, distracting us and shortening our attention spans. So, is it any wonder that analog watches, with their old-school ticking movements, are making a comeback among women who are seeking a respite from the constant barrage of notifications and digital data collection? For many, the shift […]