The Diamond Conundrum – Clarity Through Positioning

Here are two hard truths that many jewelers must grapple with. One, lab-grown diamonds aren’t going anywhere. Two, the diamond industry is not going to swoop in with a clever ad campaign that positions lab-grown diamonds as the latest cubic zirconia.

This means that every jewelry manufacturer and retailer is going to have to independently figure out how they want to position mined diamond jewelry versus lab-grown diamond jewelry.

One organization that has done an excellent, innovative job of positioning its lab-grown diamond jewelry is Minty. Focusing on combining classic jewelry craftsmanship with innovative design, Minty is positioning its jewelry brand as something more than just lab-grown diamond jewelry. Their innovative designs, mixed materials use, and interest in color make the brand feel edgy and timeless.   Even more importantly, their jewelry is different. It has a particular point of view that disrupts what traditionalists think diamond jewelry should be. And that is a good thing.

Too many brands are treating lab-grown diamonds exactly the same as they are treating mined diamonds. This causes two problems. First, it devalues the perceived rarity of mined diamonds for many consumers. Second, it puts inherent limitations on the potential of lab-grown diamonds. Fortunately, brands like Minty are paving the way for jewelry brands to think differently about diamonds.

If you’d like help figuring out how to position your lab-grown or mined diamond jewelry products, click the link below. We are happy to schedule a free marketing consultation with you and your team. Also, check out Minty’s innovative jewelry below.