10 Reasons Why AI Marketing Needs Humans: Part 4

AI Marketing Strategies Series: Part 4

10 Reasons Artificial Intelligence Can’t Conquer Without Humans

In Part 3 of this resistance vs. terminator AI marketing strategies series, we learned 10 Ways to Use A.I to Terminate Your Competition. Now is the time for its counterpart. We humans may not have the kill switch for Skynet, but we do have the captain’s seat for navigating through new tools and using AI marketing to your advantage.


The process of analyzing a situation, identifying opportunities, and creating a plan of action to achieve specific goals is what I would define as creative strategic thinking. AI can set you up with ideas, over-arching steps, and even write content for your campaign. But sometimes, even well-written AI copy is heard with a robotic accent, like an Austrian accent coming from the Terminator’s mouth. What AI cannot do as well as a person yet is curating the best emotion-striking, out-of-the-box, groundbreaking, and glass-shattering strategies. It lacks the “wow” factor.

Winning marketing campaigns that will come out on top will be the ones producing creative and quality concepts and not just busy and stale content. One of the reasons you partner with an expert marketing company is they have likely journeyed the trenches with hands-on experience.

Hopefully, a successful advertising agency like STERN Advertising (guilty of a shameless plug) has first hand solutions to make leaps and bounds over your marketing problems.

That being said, these are 10 Reasons Artificial Intelligence Can’t Conquer Without Humans


I’ll Be Back without a Creative Spark!

  1. Creativity and Innovation:

AI may analyze data incredibly, it can’t ignite the creative flame that powers innovative marketing.



Hasta La Vista, Emotional Connection!

  1. Emotional Understanding:

AI can’t truly understand human emotions, a vital element in building meaningful marketing relationships.



No Substitute for Human Wit

  1. Content Creation:

When it comes to wit and humor in marketing, even artificial intelligence can’t compete with a human touch.



Cultural Sensitivity: Not in My Programming

  1. Cultural Sensitivity: 

AI might falter in recognizing cultural nuances crucial for marketing to diverse audiences.



Franchise Storytelling: The Human Art

  1. Storytelling:

Crafting compelling narratives and emotionally resonant stories remains a distinctly human marketing skill.



Trust Me, It’s Personal

  1. Building Personal Relationships:

Building trust through personal relationships is something only humans can authentically achieve.



Decoding the Unstructured: AI’s Achilles’ Heel

  1. Understanding Unstructured Data:

When data isn’t neatly structured, AI struggles, as it’s no Sarah Connor when it comes to interpreting the unstructured.



Lost in Translation, Artificial Intelligence Edition

  1. Contextual Interpretation:

Contextual interpretation isn’t artificial intelligence’s strong suit, sometimes leading to messages that feel as out of place as a time-traveling robot.



Ethics in Marketing: Judgment Day for A.I.

  1. Ethical Decision-Making:

When it comes to ethical marketing, AI isn’t the moral compass you’re looking for.



Artificial Intelligence: Short-Sighted Decision-Maker

  1. Long-Term Strategy and Vision:

Long-term marketing strategy and vision? AI is more focused on the short-term mission, not the big picture.

AI Marketing vs. Human Marketing with AI

Artificial Intelligence Generators like ChatGPT will create steps, write copy, design ideas, and choreograph turnkey formulas. Where A.I. software falls short is analyzing between-the-lines insight data, deciphering the human element of raw emotions, and the actions those emotions dictate day to day through the shopper’s journey.

There’s a big difference between million dollar concepts and billion dollar action steps. AI may get there in the future, travel back in time, and erase this article. But until then Viva La Resistance!


Written by

Sean Reed

Social Media Strategist for STERN Advertising