Tone Modifiers to Use for Generative AI Prompt Commands: Part 5

AI Marketing Strategies Series: Part 5

15 Different Tone Modifiers to Use for Generative AI Prompt Commands

We asked ChatGPT to write 15 tone modifiers for prompt commands, and for each of the tone modifiers, we told the AI to write a scenario for each tone and write one sentence for each of the tone scenario examples. The 15 tones it produced were polite, direct, formal, playful, informal, authoritative, inquisitive, urgent, encouraging, collaborative, concise, grateful, curious, empowering, and cautious.

ChatGPT Tone Modifiers Prompt Commands


What is the tone of your brand?

Content delivered in your brand’s voice is essential when communicating with your audience, and that especially goes when using generative AI.

Using an AI like ChatGPT can be extremely helpful, but in order to keep your brand’s voice, prompt commands, and tone modifiers need to be added for accurate and consistent voice tones. Do you simply copy and paste what the computer super brain spits out? The answer should almost always be “no”. Think of generative AI as a tool, and not a replacement. The input from the marketer is the most important part of the process when using generative artificial intelligence for marketing strategies.

Your company’s brand voice or “tone” needs to be authentic, or you can risk losing credibility with your audience. Society is already becoming more versatile in AI, making generic content noticeable to those more savvy in marketing tech and styles. As John Connor tells us with his personal Terminator experience, “This is the world now. Logged on, plugged In, ALL THE TIME.”

I bring good news though! Skynet hasn’t taken over the world… just yet, which means it’s in the marketers’ control on the quality of marketing content that AI tools deliver.

How To Use Tone Modifiers

We can give brand voice commands, or what some call “Tone Modifiers” to generative AI software like ChatGPT. This directs the style we want to deliver for specific contexts and situations. Looking to enforce urgency? There’s a tone for that. Want to deliver a playful tone? There’s a command for that too. The list goes on and on, and we’ve curated more for you to use at your disposal.

How do you use these tone modifiers? Direct ChatGPT to write your copy in whichever tone fits your brand’s voice best. Sculpt the output with your own words… human words, and you’re good to go!

So whether you’re sending a text, an email, a memo, or marketing content, you can have your team use generative AI for a starting point with these 15 modifying tones.


Written by

Sean Reed

Social Media Strategist for STERN Advertising